April 19, 2018

About Us

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Our Approach

Great Academic VR was founded on the principle that “all students can learn”. When students are engaged in immersive content, they are more likely to retain content and learning goals.

Our Story

Great Academic VR serves as a tool for learning and excitement. We will continue to develop VR experiences that push the boundaries of “what is real and what is make-believe”.

Meet the Team

Great Academic is committed to bringing Virtual Reality to every classroom, school, school district, college, university, business, family and individual. Meet some of the visionary team that is focused on the future of learning and discovery.

Frank B. Phillips

Founder & CEO

Frank B. Phillips is a 30 year educator and entrepreneur. Mr. Phillips has taught every grade from Pre-k to grade 8. He has also founded five companies.

Gordon Boelter

General Counsel

Gordon Boelter is a proven In-House Counsel. He is an experienced Corporate Counsel with business agreement and regulatory experience. Mr. Boelter is also a negotiations and software agreement expert.

Brian K. Jones


Brian K. Jones is a proven financial expert. He is a proven financial leader with executive expertise in financial leadership and financial strategies. Mr. Jones is an experienced international business and corporate expert.  

Sandeep Gupta


Sandeep Gupta is a proven software development expert. He is an international technical leader with executive expertise in management and decision making.

Roberto Arreaga

Latin America Director

Roberto Arreaga is an experienced CEO and manager. He is an advisor for government technologies and a negotiator for international agreements.

Christopher Tucker

Social Media Assistant

Christopher Tucker is a proven Social Media professional. He is an experienced business consultant, who is focused on small business.

Frank Eyeson
Creative Director
Frank Eyeson is a Graphic Design Expert. He is creatively driven with a unique style for graphic imagery.

Join Our Team

We are always looking for progressive and innovative thinkers. Virtual Reality is here to stay. Great Academic VR will always be at the forefront of innovation, research and development.

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