Great Academic VR makes S.T.E.M. meaningful and purposeful. Our engaging Lessons and Lesson Plans correlate with Common Core Standards, objectives and outcomes. Let Great Academic VR be your schools' choice for "Virtual Reality in Education".


Great Academic VR has partnered with some of the most prestigious companies and individuals in Science. These awesome experiences, investigations and explorations will help bring to life concepts and content. Please view the lessons and lesson plans for your grade level or discipline.


Great Academic VR is technology at its' finest. Our platform is user friendly for most teachers and students. Whether you already have headsets for you and your students, Great Academic VR is the ideal platform for lessons and student engagement. Select your grade level download or view the lesson plan, and you are ready to GO.


Great Academic VR helps bring out the Engineering trait in most students. We help them visualize in 3D as they build, connect and apply parts, concepts, frames and models. Great Academic VR wants to provide students with the knowledge and tools to "think outside the box". We also want students to virtually build the BOX.


Great Academic VR makes Math exciting. We have partnered with many Math companies and mathematicians, to bring to you lessons that are stimulating, engaging and exciting. We help Math fun and enlightening. Every student will be up at their seat reaching, pulling, building, and problem solving. Let Great Academic VR help inspire your students toward excellence and achievement.

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Virtual Reality Experiences

The Perfect Virtual Reality Field Trip

Let Great Academic plan your next Virtual Reality class Field Trip. Allow your class and students to explore ancient, important, popular and educational destinations.

Virtual Reality Experiences

Attractions Around the World and Beyond

A great collection of dazzling destinations and experiences that will leave you and your students mesmerized.

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