December 15, 2018



We are changing the way people learn. Change the world with us.


Seize the Moment By 2025, the global market for eLearning will be $325B1.

More countries, school districts, colleges, universities and private schools are investing in their eLearning activities to empower their diverse student populations.

The time is now to partner with an inclusive eLearning platform that will soon become the world’s most visited and popular eLearning destination.

Don’t miss out.

Focus on the Future

New ways of learning demand new technologies – we need partners that are thinking about the Next Big Thing.

Great Academic is at the forefront of eLearning innovation for the modern global learner .

Support our vision for eLearning as we turn it into a reality.

Follow the Future Leader

Great Academic is on track to become a proven force in eLearning.

We have 10 years of elearning experience, hundreds of beta students across 10 countries..

Our technology has been sourced from the leaders in technology and elearning.

We’re the right partner to have, at the right time.

Feel the Love

Partner with Great Academic and become a part of our family. The world is becoming a global economy, why not have a global education platform.

We are better together, not apart.

Reap the Benefits​

Expand your portfolio, earn industry-leading compensation and establish a recurring revenue stream.

Help us build our brand and improve the learning potential for millions of individuals around the globe.

Ways to Partner with Great Academic

  • Technology
  • Investment
  • Consultancy
  • Advisory Board
  • Beta Client
  • Native Language Consultant
  • Global Ambassador

Become a Partner
Together, We’ll Change the Way People Learn

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