August 15, 2018

High School

Great Academic VR High School

Welcome to Great Academic’s High School VR or High School can find Virtual Reality Lessons, Expeditions and Experiences for most of your subjects. 

Just login, find your subject and enjoy your experience.  Make certain that you follow your teacher’s guidance and directions.

Virtual Reality Field Trips

You can take a Virtual Reality Field Trip with your teacher and class. Field Trips can take your to the moon, Egypt, or a museum.  

The Solar System

Star Traveler

VR Lessons and Lesson Plans

Virtual Reality Lessons and Lesson Plans help all students learn and achieve. Lessons are designed to be exciting and engaging. 

Virtual Reality helps connect curriculum, content, goals, objectives and Common Core. VR when used properly, can provide background knowledge and meaningful connections. It can also provide timeless experiences and understandings.

Great Academic has many experiences, lessons and expeditions for all Grade Levels and most subjects. Let us make learning more stimulating, engaging and meaningful.

Great Academic VR

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